And we thank Him for our food

Our church declared March to be a focused time of corporate prayer.  I’m not so diligent on the setting time aside every day to pray, especially not the structured-sit-down-with-my-coffee-at-5:30-Bible-open-spirit-ready kind of prayer time.

But I want to pray for/with our church.  I am updating the daily prayer items on the church’s Facebook page every day, but the 1.32 seconds that it takes to accomplish that task hardly qualifies as anything intentional.

My intent on writing is not so much to wallow in the unexcusability of my non-praying, as it is to say what I did notice this week: the easiest, most natural time for me to pray is around dinner.  Husband and I sat down to dinner on Monday night and Tuesday night, and before we ate together, I was compelled to pray. After we ate, we read a chapter from Lauren Winner’s Mudhouse Sabbath and then chatted and prayed some more.

I don’t think it’s coincidence that the breaking of bread is one of the acts of devotion Christ left for his followers in worship.  It’s like he was telling us that mealtimes with friends and family are sacred.  For me, I wonder if He picked it because he knew dinner is the time of day, after work, when I’m most prepared for connection.  Or maybe, after spending my day all a-flurry, it’s the time of day when I finally acknowledge my need for connection.

I’m seeing this week how saying grace can be about more than thanking Jesus for our food.  I’m seeing how the breaking of bread and connecting with the Creator can and do walk hand-in-hand.

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