Prepping for Potluck

In the wee hours of a Saturday morning (okay, but 8am feels wee on a Saturday morning, yes?)  I’m waiting on an oh-so-colorful pot of red kidney, navy, black and garbanzo beans to finish cooking so they can be thrown in already-simmering pot of tomatoes, onions, peppers, garlic summer squash from a friend’s summer garden, bulgur, and oodles of spices.

It’s potluck lunch today at choir rehearsal, and what’s a potluck without a dish to look forward to?  I love being able to share whole foods with my neighbors, and so this morning, I impose upon the world a giant pot of chili, made almost entirely from scratch*, full of good things including dried beans, bulgur and garden squash.

I’m secretly hoping the chili turns out gross-looking, so we can bring most of it home and spend the rest of the week eating it…but well, I wouldn’t be much of a potlucker, would I?

*I used store bought canned tomatoes. Not my preference, but better than hot house tomatoes from Mexico.

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