Back on the Wagon…of Blogging, if there even is a wagon for that.

So my new blog died ever-so-sadly as it was just beginning…and I have reasons for that certainly, most of which involve being home very little over the last 3 months, and some of which involve a pervasive fear with waxing on too long about inane narcissistic things…but this is a blog, and what is it, if it is not self-involved? (This question was meant to be rhetorical…but then I had to pause and reflect oh-so-philisophically about what on the internet is not self-involved, which led me to question what of the human existence is not self-involved, and suddenly I’m totally derailed by tangent and thus unable of accomplishing the very task I set out to do which was to write a very simple blog to get me back on the blogging wagon.  This leads me to now being totally embarrassed that my parenthetical comment is longer than my original comment was, but I’m unwilling to delete it, because this is a blog, and I can write poorly if I want. If it bothers you, I recommend Slate as a much smarter read.)

So anyways, I want to recap Summer 2010’s Greatest Hits, which tend towards the general more than the specific…and honestly, they’re each so spectacular that they’re probably worthy of a blog each in and of themselves…  So, what if I do that.  It also requires me to make a commitment.  So yeah, let’s go for it.  Yee-Haw!

Coming up next, #1 on the list: The National Parks.

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