Reading the Bible with the Teens

Husband and I are meeting weekly with a group of ten teen gals and one of our adult volunteers to read the Bible together.  We’re studying through the Bible for the whole school year, Genesis to Revelation.  It’s a pretty big job to tackle, and requires several hours of reading on our own each week, but I’m already impressed with the girls’ dedication to the task.  (Last week, out of the 7 girls who were there, all of them had done all of the week’s reading.)

This week, it’s 35 chapters of Genesis, covering Abraham through Joseph.  There’s some crazy stuff that happens in there.  So excited to see what peaks their interest…

Some of my favorite questions so far:

Why was the temple so flashy when Jesus’ was so humble?
Who are the Nephilim?  (Genesis 6:4) Seriously.  I’d never noticed them before.
How did the animals on the ark not kill each other?
Why don’t we observe the Sabbath anymore?


One response to “Reading the Bible with the Teens

  1. re: nephilim: read L’Engle’s _Many Waters_. It’s about Meg’s twin brothers (from _Wrinkle in Time_) going back in time to Noah. Nephilim exist. Totally fascinating rendition.

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