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Tiny Cute Things as an Temporary Antidote for the Late-Fall Blues

It’s usually about this time each year, when it’s pitch black by 5pm, and the morning commute is foggy and gray, that my own little version of Seasonal Affective Disorder sets in, and I turn to my two late-fall vices: espresso and yarn.  Such are my drugs of choice, forcing my body to greet the day with a heavy dose of caffeine each morning, and pulling out my latest creative project each night in order to feel some small bit of joy and productivity while I cope with 6 or so hours trapped in our 850 square feet of apartment with a husband who loves to assuage his own Seasonal Affective Disorder by chasing radioactive mutant ants with an axe.*

This weekend, I was thrilled to finish a project that’s been in the works since we visited Astoria, Oregon in June for the 25th Anniversary of Goonies, and I picked up this incredible little crochet book on tiny and incredibly cute Japanese stuffed animals.  It’s referred to as Amigurumi because apparently, in Japanese, there’s a whole word devoted specifically to what we would refer to as, “incredibly cute and tiny crocheted stuffed animals.”  (Who KNEW?!  What an incredible language, and even more incredible people group because of their intense love for tiny and cute stuffed crocheted animals!)  Soon after purchasing the book, I decided to use its contents to create a special gift for my college roommates little girl and little girl on-the-way.

And thus the journey began.  5 months of working on these tiny cuties off and on, and finally this weekend, I was able to package them up and ship them to two little girls in Iowa under the auspices of “sister stuffed animals” to celebrate the blessing of sisters.  It was hard to say goodbye, because I seriously fell in love with these “Frogs on Holiday” and “Piggies in Love,” but I must say, I coped a bit better than I did the last time I made a stuffed object and ended up writing a song about how sad I was to give it away.  (The song, and stuffed object were aptly named, “Little John Lennon,” and while it may seem like an interesting story, worthy of you asking more questions and this blog getting trapped in some insignificant rabbit trail, it is not the story for today.  Maybe someday, if you’re lucky, I’ll introduce you to LJL next time I’m back in Ohio, where he currently resides.)

Because I love these guys sooo much, I needed to share them with you. So, here they are…tiny guys made of yarn, who are currently trapped in a box in the middle of Kansas, totally stoked for their new life with a fabulous child to love.  *Queue the Toy Story score and commence weeping.*

*While this is a general reference to husband’s overall love of video games, particularly those of the 1st person shooter variety, this season, it’s in particular reference to Fallout: New Vegas, which has been on active duty in our house since mid-October.