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Yoga: Be Still and Breathe


I love to cook healthy.  I hate to exercise.

The Story:

One of my best buds, whom we’ll call Starbuck (re: the fictional kick-bootay pilot) has been telling me for two years that yoga is about breathing, stillness, listening to your body, and God.  Honestly, until Monday night, I don’t know that I really got it.  I’ve always thought yoga was about exercise, because that’s the context in which I’ve always pursued it: exercise where I don’t have to wind myself and sweat a lot.  I was first introduced to yoga many years after I’d hung up my tutu of 11+ years, and I was like, “Oooh!  Ballet for grown ups!  Awesome!”  But I’ve mostly only done yoga via DVD or at the gym, which hasn’t provided much instruction on the meditative and spiritual elements of yoga.

When I have done yoga, I’ve enjoyed it, but it’s never really stuck, and I’ve never really pursued it with passion.  I would say, it’s like, my exercise of choice whenever I choose exercise, which is rarely.

A miracle of miracles happened the other night, though, when I finally trekked out to Movement Arts, a yoga studio in this beautiful red barn near our small town. Continue reading

And we thank Him for our food

Our church declared March to be a focused time of corporate prayer.  I’m not so diligent on the setting time aside every day to pray, especially not the structured-sit-down-with-my-coffee-at-5:30-Bible-open-spirit-ready kind of prayer time.

But I want to pray for/with our church.  I am updating the daily prayer items on the church’s Facebook page every day, but the 1.32 seconds that it takes to accomplish that task hardly qualifies as anything intentional.
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